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Why you should sell your business to us

Because we tailor our offer to meet your needs

There are many reasons you may be looking to transition out of your company. Some people need to sell because they have other interests they want to pursue, and other people are just plain tired and want to retire. Regardless of the reasoning, Abundant Culture wants to make sure that the business you built will be around in your community for years and years to come. To help that transition along we make sure that we go above and beyond in order to make sure you’re happy with us and the offer we make you.

Most business buyers only look out for their own self interests, and don’t get us wrong we want to make money too, but if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We pride ourselves on creating win win situations and having enough integrity to walk away from a deal if doing a deal will require us to take advantage of someone in the wrong way, no matter how much money is on the table. If it’s not a win win situation nobody wins.

No Middle men

When a lot of people think about selling their company they may consider hiring a business broker. 99% of the time this is a HUGE mistake because what most brokers won’t tell you is that 90% of the businesses they list don’t sell and the 10% that does usually stays on the market for years before they’re bought. When they’re finally sold, if they’re sold at all, the broker cashes a fat check taking home 10% of what you sold your business for. That means if you sell your business for $500,000, the broker takes home $50,000 leaving you with $450,000. 

That’s probably 10% of your net worth if you’re like most business owners whose business is one of their only assets. Maybe this price tag would make sense if they helped you value the business or helped the new buyer get funding but most of the time they don’t and when they do, a lot of times they do it wrong. Not to mention, most of your potential buyers were probably turned away due to the broker making it hard for the buyer to learn more about the business and that’s if the broker even answers the phone, which from our personal experience at least 60% of brokers don’t even answer our inquiries about a business. This kills a lot of potential opportunity for both buyers and sellers. If you want to avoid all this, save time, and 10% of your net worth just call us and work with our company directly. It’s that simple. 

PS. If you have a broker and they haven’t found you a buyer in months, you have a right to cancel your contract with them. Trust me, it’ll make you’re life a whole lot easier especially if you follow my business selling checklist on this page.

We Don’t rely on traditional banks to do the deal

Most people that want to buy a business are going to want to use some type of leverage, meaning they’re going to use some type of debt to buy the business. The reasons why they do this is because: 

  • It increases their return on investment 
  • It increases their buying power 
  • It allows them to have cash on hand for other purchases
  • It decreases the amount of cash they need to buy the business
  • And in some cases, it actually makes the deal less risky for them 

Using some type of loan to buy the business is a smart idea and most people have to because that’s the only way they can afford to buy it. But the problem is where they get the loan from. Most buyers will default to the SBA because that’s what the bank’s like to market because since SBA loans are partially government backed, the banks risk is substantially decreased but this presents a problem. SBA loans have strict guidelines. So strict that they only finance 7% of all business acquisitions. That’s 7% of the 10% of businesses that actually sell. Remember that 90% of companies that want to sell never do.  

That means there’s a 99.3% chance they will DENY funding the business acquisition because the SBA only finances about 0.7% of all businesses. One time there was a business that profited $150,000 per year and I negotiated a decent price on it (I know this because a bank owner told me) and we offered to put down a 50% down payment and they still denied the deal. I was surprised by this and vowed to never need them again, so Abundant Culture came up with better financing options that most buyers don’t know about or have access to. This allows us to do deals that the bank will never finance which makes us better buyers than 99% of the market. The financing options we use along with our 40 years of experience doing dozens of deals allow us to do deals faster, easier, and with more certainty than any other buyer.

If you work with us you don’t have to worry about the bank screwing up the deal.     

It’s not just about money with us

We like making money just like you do but our mission is so much deeper than that. It’s about creating jobs for people and seeing the joy on people’s faces when we deliver exceptional products and services. It’s about giving back to the community every chance we get in whatever way we can. It’s about creating memories. That’s why we focus on creating company cultures. Company cultures that make employees feel needed and important. Company cultures that create a sense of purpose in our staff. Company cultures that brighten the day of every person that crosses our path. When you sell to us, our goal is not to just make a bunch of money and sell the business, it’s to grow the legacy you started. Our goal is to ensure the business continues to serve people… Forever.  

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Fund your business

As a small business owner we understand how hard it can be to get the capital that you need in order to grow your business. That’s why our team works to understand your business and stay up to date with all the ways your company can access capital in the most efficient way possible. There’s many ways to access extra capital but only a few ways that are right for you and our goal is to provide you with the best solutions. 


  • You can get capital from an angel investor, but in our experience they’re hard to find and harder to get in contact with. They require equity in your business and they probably won’t even invest in your company unless it’s a tech startup with the potential to become a multi billion dollar company. 

  • You can get capital from venture capitalists, but they pretty much have the same problems that angel investors do in addition to them being more picky than angel investors because they do less deals. They also only invest in companies with “high growth”. Most of their websites don’t define what high growth is.

  • You can get capital from private equity firms, but they traditionally only transact with businesses that have over $5,000,000 in revenue. Plus, in our experience it’s also very hard to get into contact with them.

  • You can get capital from family offices, but they’re also really hard to find and get in contact with because they like their privacy.

  • You can get capital from a bank using your personal credit, but you have a limited number of inquiries you can get on your credit in a 2 year period. If you go over that number the bank can deny you even with an 800 credit score. Plus you have to pay attention to your utilization and your debt to income ration, etc. because all of that can impact your access to capital.

 That is why our company helps you access business credit so that your access to capital becomes more dependent on your businesses ability to repay and not yours. As it should be. With business credit you can borrow way more money than you can with personal credit and you don’t have to worry about utilization. You also won’t have to worry about giving up huge amounts of equity in your business just for extra money. The only thing that impacts your business credit score is paying on time. Our team can guide you on building your business credit and getting funding with it.

We also have a new funding tool coming soon that is going to be even better than business credit. Stay Tuned…   

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grow your business

A lot of business consultants focus on growing the top line sales of a business, which is great and necessary, but what if you could double your bottom line profit without making another sale? How would your business finances look then? Here at Abundant Culture we are certified Profit Architects. This means we can do a quick analysis of a business and spot it’s weak points where profit is lost. According to our research, there are about 10 areas in most businesses where the owner can retrieve money that they technically already made but lost to some unseen expense. 

For example lets say you own a company the does $500,000 per year in gross sales at a 10% net profit margin. That means your company profits $50,000 per year. If you wanted to profit $100,000 per year at a 10% net profit margin you would literally have to double your sales and make $1,000,000 a year in gross sales. That can be a lot of work for a extra $50,000 a year in profit… but there’s an easier way!

According to all the work our team has done for other companies, the average small business can profit about 20% or more. Obviously there are some exceptions but keep an open mind. It might make you some more money. That means if we work with you and see that a business like yours can make 20% profit margins, the $100,000 in profit you want to make is already there in your business. We just need to help you get it.

Going through this process with us can mean you take home more money without actually doing more work, but why stop there? What if we could double your profit, increase your top line sales and double the value of your business? What if we could implement systems in your business that allow you to produce more while working less? What if we could help you drastically decrease your tax liability and what if all this costed you was just a fraction of the profit we helped you get?

What would all that be worth to you? 10’s of thousand, 100’s of thousands, millions?

Well, at Abundant Culture we help you do all this and more but don’t take our word for it. Test us! Book a call with us and we’ll do an analysis of your business for FREE! If we can’t substantially increase your profit you’ll know in a matter of days and if we can, we will work with you side by side for up to 10 months to help you become more profitable.     

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