Q: Why do you only accept capital from accredited investors?

A: Here at Abundant Culture we would love to accept capital from everyone and give everyone an equal shot at good investments however the government makes it more expensive and more complicated to raise capital from non accredited investors. It’s also more risky from a legal standpoint and it’s easier to advertise when you only accept capital from accredited investors. Hopefully this changes one day.

Q: Why do you typically work with businesses that have $500,000 - $5,000,000 per year in gross sales?

A: There’s a couple reasons. One reason is because we like to work with businesses that we wouldn’t mind buying. We help small business owners fund and grow businesses too but we always prefer to buy and that’s usually the end goal. 

The reason we don’t mind buying businesses within that size range is because we know that the average small business has a net profit margin of 10% to 20%. That means on the low end if we buy a business that does $500,000 in yearly sales we can expect at least $50,000 in free cash flow or profit which isn’t a lot but is enough to reinvest and pay a dividend. The deals just become more attractive from there.

Another reason we do deals this size is because we believe that this size range of business is underserved in the market when it comes to access to capital and access to potential buyers when business owners want to transition out of their company.

We believe this lack of capital and buyers is unfair because most businesses in America fit within this range.

  • They create massive amounts of wealth for this country and the world.
  • They supply a large percentage of jobs in this country.
  • They create and distribute a lot of the products and services people enjoy on a day to day basis 
  • They account for a large percentage of the GDP (gross domestic product- a measurement of how productive an economy is) 
  • A lot of the bigger companies wouldn’t exist without these small businesses 
  • And they support charities across the nation

We believe these companies are under appreciated and deserve more respect for their contributions especially from the finance and investing industry. 

These companies also typically have higher growth potential than businesses that are bigger and can be very financially healthy which creates a large opportunity for smart investors that almost no one is taking advantage of. 

This lack of demand for this size company leads to them having less access to capital than bigger companies and sometimes having to shut their doors, not due to lack of profit but because the owner can’t find anyone suitable to take the company over even at an attractive price.

Meanwhile, thousands of big private equity companies compete for a smaller pool of bigger businesses, bidding up prices in companies that hardly needed the funding anyways.

This is a huge gap in the market and Abundant Culture will fill it. 

Q: Why do you typically work with businesses that have at least 5 employees?

A: We want to own over 100 small businesses one day. We won’t have the capacity to run them all on a day to day basis. Having at least 5 employees helps ensure that if someone calls off or quits the business still has enough labor to run properly. Or if we fund a business it ensures that the business can still run if something happens to the owner. Having multiple employees makes the deal safer for everyone involved.

It also allows us to train up an existing employee to run the business as manager/owner if needed.

Q: Why don’t you work with businesses that are franchises or smoke shops?

A: Franchises don’t allow for us to have the flexibility that we like to have in a business because we would have to adhere to the rules set by the franchisor which in some cases can stagnate growth.

Smoke shops conflict with our values. We don’t smoke cigarettes or cigars and don’t condone anyone else doing it either so we feel like it would be disingenuous of us to have a business that just sells that, a product I wouldn’t even give to my family. We’re glad people have the right to do it but we just don’t.


There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation to sell to or work with us.

 Disclaimer: Please do your own independent due diligence. No assets are being sold, no securities or offerings are being made, and no solicitation is occurring. This is not a public offering, or offer or invitation to sell, or solicitation of any offer to purchase or buy any security anywhere in the United States of America or any other jurisdiction. Education is essential to learning how, when and if private lending is right for you. You are urged to consult multiple sources to gain enough information regarding private lending. With abundance comes risk.