EP:98 The Big Deal About Small Claims with Steven Lefkoff

This week’s guest is phenomenal and fun attorney, Steven Lefkoff!

In this episode we’re covering:

How to DIY your small claims case and win

Things to know before, during and after representing yourself in court

Tips to avoid the small claims process altogether 

and so much more!!

Steven Lefkoff is the founder of Small Claims Academy, a business established in 2020 to empower litigants to perform as well as they can in their small claims case by providing individuals and businesses with products designed to help them navigate their state’s small claims court. Small Claims Academy’s first product, Gavel (www.gavel.legal), is an online course to teach litigants the tips, tricks, and procedures of small claims courts.

Reach out to Steven at the following sites:


Steven’s quote to share with the world:

“Push the button!”

*Disclaimer: This podcast should not be construed as legal advice. It is solely for informational purposes. 

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