EP:87 Human Behavior Hacking with Susan Ibitz

This week’s guest is a human behavior hacker, Susan Ibitz!

In this episode we’re covering:

What language to use during negotiations

How to read your clients’ body language

How to overcome fear

and so much more!!

Imagine LEARNING a SUPERPOWER… Imagine being able to read people like a book.

Susan is a Human Behavior Hacker- some people hack computers she hacks humans.

Today, communication is an art and science plus most of the first interaction with clients, and future prospects are on the media, phone, or email.

Body Language, Micro-Expressions, Linguistic, and Face reading can make a big difference in the process of building rapport with clients and co-workers, as expedite the trust cycle.

Susan has 28 years of experience using behavior to apply in sales, communication, negotiation, and everyday life. Susan is the only expert doing all the channels in Deception Detection and Behavior

Susan has trained, consulted, and worked with people and fields such as:

Journalist & Producers.

Politicians & political campaigns.

Law Enforcement-Realtors.


Market Research.

Insurance Fraud.


Match Makers.


Love life.

Medical field professionals.

Sales team.

Job Seekers.

Sperm Donor Selection.

Couples compatibilities.

Human Resources Professionals.


Hospitality & Customer-oriented services.

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