EP:84 Turning Your Creative Passion Into A Business with Chelsie Tams

This week’s guest is a design expert, Chelsie Tamms!

In this episode we’re covering:

How to brand your company

How to overcome the ‘starving artist’ stereotype

When’s the best time to start a passion project

and so much more!!

Chelsie Tamms is the lettering artist and designer behind Lettering Works, LLC – a Chicago-based, modern brand design studio that specializes in customized designs to help passions shine.

Chelsie works primarily with established artists, makers, and small business owners who are passionate about their craft to create compelling visuals to build their confidence and get them the attention they deserve.

Chelsie founded Lettering Works in 2016 while attending Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and winning $10,000 in startup funding from Bradley’s annual student entrepreneurship competition. She spent three years in Peoria growing her business before relocating to Chicago in June 2019.

Throughout her career, Chelsie has focused heavily on personal passion projects that showcase her interests and attract ideal clients around topics of community building, kidney disease, chronic illness, and arts advocacy. Some of her most well-known projects are 100 Days of Peoria (and Chicago), Cool Beans, Steph’s Stickers, and Chronically Positive. She has self-published two books: Just my Type of Lettering and 100 Days of Peoria.

In addition to customized visual branding and artwork, Chelsie has a line of art products which are sold in local gift shops around Peoria and Chicago, including Wrigleyville Sports and The Field Museum and online at letteringworks.com.

When Chelsie isn’t designing, she can be found eating ice cream, traveling internationally, or starting a new passion project.

Reach out to Chelsie at the following sites:

Website: www.letteringworks.com

Instagram: instagram.com/letteringworks + instagram.com/chelsietamms

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