EP:82 The Secret To Buying 1k+ of Multifamily Units In Five Years with Charles Dobens

This week’s guest is a phenomenal attorney and multifamily investor, Charles Dobens!

In this episode we get to hear so many great and crazy stories in the multifamily industry.

Charles Dobens is a multifamily investor, attorney, and mentor to multifamily investors all around the country. Charles founded the Multifamily Investing Academy, where he works with students in his Owner Forum program to train them in the correct way to acquire, operate and own multifamily property.

His legal and consulting practice has one specialty – helping new investors overcome any lack of confidence in moving toward their financial objective of owning and operating apartments. Charles is uniquely qualified to walk investors confidently through the entire process: analyzing property, negotiating contracts, organizing funding as well as transitioning to ownership.

Charles Dobens is principal at Dobens Law and founder of the Multifamily Investing Academy.

I have owned and operated over $20MM of multifamily property in my career and have represented over 1000 investors throughout their transactions. I know multifamily. I have done them all, no money down, syndications, master lease options, Class A through Class D properties, rehabs and repositions, foreclosures, assumptions. You name it, I have done it. I am currently in the process of liquidating my portfolio so I can start building apartments and help to solve the demand crisis.

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