EP:77 How To Have Incredible Credit Part 2 with Melvin Johnson


This week we’re talking with one of our very good friends, Melvin Johnson! 


In this episode we’re covering:

Things to know in personal and business credit

Common myths on credit

And so much more!!


Melvin Johnson is a real estate investor, personal and business credit expert. Starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2018, Melvin quickly realized that along with limiting educational and economical exposure that many possessed a poor understanding of ‘credit’ that made it impossible to possess financial literacy. Therefore, in the spring of 2019 Melvin launched Maaj Capital- a company aimed at helping individuals and businesses learn how they’re able to take advantage of credit. MAAJ Capital’s chief goal is to assist entrepreneurs in engaging their financial options in light of being financially aware of opportunity that come with having great credit. 


One notable achievement in Melvin’s career is how he’s been able to raise $2.5m in real estate byway of lines of credit, which was established with a few of his partners within 9 months. Now training others, Melvin leads his team and is growing Maaj Capital to be the stomping grounds for entrepreneurs who intend on not only achieving but exceeding similar heights.


As a husband and father of two, Melvin Johnson began his career as an entrepreneur in the summer of 2018 while pursuing his Masters Degree at Lincoln Christian University. Holding at BA in Business Administration, Melvin serves as President of Maaj Capital overseeing its day-to-day operations.


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