EP:70 How To Launch Your Side Hustle with Troy R. Underwood

This week’s guest is an all around innovator, Troy R. Underwood!

In this episode we’re covering:

The difference between entrepreneurs and business owners

How to build an A-Team with the 80% rule

What to look out for when exiting a company

And so much more!!

Troy R. Underwood is an industry disruptor. Part technologist, part economist, and all innovator, he revolutionized the motor vehicle industry with the nation’s first electronic title system for financial institutions, which was later sold for $106 million. His healthcare venture, benefitsCONNECT, innovated healthcare benefits administration and resulted in a highly successful acquisition. His new book is How to Launch Your Side Hustle: Start and Scale a Business with Minimal Capital.

Reach out to Troy at the following link:


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