EP:63 Life After Retirement with T. Kari Mitchell

This week’s guest is an inspiring holistic wellness coach, T. Kari Mitchell!

In this episode we’re covering:

Figuring out your life after you retired

How to live to age 120Principles of living your “new” life

And so much more!!

T. Kari Mitchell is an Inspired Aging™ Motivational Speaker and Holistic Wellness Coach. She started her own business at 62 and rededicated her life to inspiring women to unleash their personal power, in order to live the life they’ve always wanted.

TK is launching a global movement that defies age and limitations. She feels a sense of responsibility to help raise the standard for aging so the world’s perspective is positive, not negative. Whole health, passion, empowerment, abundance and possibility! That’s the kind of life that’s available to ALL women. TK believes that boomer women are favorably positioned to make the second half their best years, and her mission is to facilitate the process.

She currently supports women over 60 who are transitioning through significant life challenges. Her online, spiritually focused empowerment program called Sprout Your New Life™ is for women who are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and reclaim their health, confidence, purpose and power so they can flourish in their next chapter. Her program views life holistically and provides tools to improve every aspect of a woman’s life, while nurturing a deeper connection to Spirit and the world.

TK publishes a weekly blog called Nourishing News and is the author of Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family. She also offers individual lifestyle coaching. Personal interests and leisure activities include writing; traveling to exotic destinations; keeping fit; creating gourmet, allergy-friendly recipes; spending time in nature; attending live theater and jazz performances; and taking piano lessons. TK’s motto is live, learn, love, grow, and be a blessing to others.

Reach out to TK at the following link: https://www.lifestyle120.com/

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