EP:60 Productivity Hacks For Working From Home with Sagan Morrow

This week’s guest is a powerhouse productivity strategist, Sagan Morrow!

In this episode we’re covering:Time management techniques for a more productive day How to productively get through tasks you don’t like doing How to prevent burnout And so much more!!

Sagan Morrow teaches busy, time-crunched solopreneurs how to build their own successful home-based businesses—without the overwhelm—through her online courses and business resources at SaganMorrow.com. She specializes in productivity tips and action-oriented strategic planning for multi-passionate creatives.

Sagan has over a decade of experience as a freelance writer and editor and hosts the Indie Author Weekly podcast. When she isn’t teaching solopreneurs or doing freelance work for her own clients, Sagan writes romance novels.

Reach out to Sagan at the following:

Website: SaganMorrow.com

Free time saving tips cheatsheet: SaganMorrow.com/savetime

Instagram & Twitter: @Saganlives

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