EP:40 How To 10X Your Lead Results with Isabel & Vanessa

This week’s guests are two massive action takers in the digital realm, Isabel Badell & Vanessa Black from IVLeadz! 

In this episode we’re covering: 

How to 10X your leads DAILY 

How to get the right mindset in business 

Which is more important- Sales vs Marketing And so much more!! 

Isabel & Vanessa are owners of IV LEADZ. A company with #1 Organic Lead Generation via IG + FB + LinkedIn, focusing on human to human connection, using NO bots, NO automations or PAID ADs. 

Reach out to them at: 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ivleadz/  

https://www.ivleadz.com/welcome (answer the few questions and put in referral MIMS for a complimentary power session) 

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