EP:37 How To Not Get Screwed On Tax Day with Nancye Rivera

This week’s guest is a bookkeeping expert, Nancye Rivera! 

In this episode we’re talking about: 

Why the wrong clients can have a negative effect on your business 

How to mix spirituality and business to create a richer life 

Why you shouldn’t operate as a sole proprietor 

And so much more!! 

Nancye is a multi-career bilingual professional in accounting, media management, marketing and ministry. She earned her Bachelor’s of Art in Spanish and Sociology from DePaul University where she was accepted at the age of 16. She also received her Masters of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management where she was a Weisman Scholar and taught Accounting 101 at the undergraduate level. She also received a Certificate in Foundations of Faith from North Park Theological Seminary. Accounting, in both the private and public sector has served as a foundation in all of her careers, especially as an entrepreneur. With over 15 years of experience, Nancye established Plus Bookkeeping Services, Inc. in 2016. 

PBSI’s mission is to help small businesses understand their financials and use them as a planning tool to grow their business and: 

 To graduate from shoe boxes to electronic systems 

 To establish processes and procedure 

 To use financial statements as planning tools

 To be positioned for growth In addition to bookkeeping services, Nancye presents financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshops. 

She is also an adjunct professor at the Hispanic Bible School where she teaches Administration and Finance; Media Ministry and Homiletics for the Latina. In the spirit of being current with accounting principles, technology, and tax laws, Nancye is a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and a Certified Tax Preparer. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. 

Reach out to Nancye at: 

(773) 230-3514 



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