EP:33 The Practical On Partnerships with Marc Hertz & Barb Morgan-Browning

This week we have a partner DUO, who happen to know a thing or two on partnerships, Marc Hertz & Barb Morgan-Browning! 

In this episode we covered: 

Qualities of a good and bad partner 

How to find them 

What to put into writing 

And so much more! 

Marc and Barb are passionate about helping business owners create sustainable, thriving businesses that align with their values. Their experience lets them look across all parts of a business and see what’s working well and what isn’t. They work with their clients to get the most out of their businesses by refining their strategy, streamlining their operations, and building out their business model and plan. Together, they have over 30 years of business experience, ranging from family owned businesses to the Fortune 500; covering industries as diverse as chemical sales, pet care, curriculum development, business products wholesaling, and technology. As entrepreneurs, they’ve started, grown, and sold eight business. In that time, they’ve seen it all and want business owners to have the benefit of what they’ve learned the hard way. They offer on-demand business consulting, educational workshops, and on-going support. 

Reach out to Barb + Mark at: 



Check out their website: https://www.onecbusiness.com/ 

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