EP2: Couples in Business Together

What’s an empire without a Queen and what’s a Queen without her King?!

We understand that there are a lot of solo-preneurs out there, but there’s also couples. Business adds a whole other dynamic to a relationship and this dynamic can cause mass confusion in both the romantic relationship and the business relationship if roles aren’t outlined to a T.
Today we’ll be covering the pros and cons of being in business with your mate; and even though there are a lot of hurdles to overcome the benefits of having your #booONboard can absolutely 10x your business! You’ll see a strong example of that towards the end.

*AGAIN* Please excuse a little background noise. We aren’t using “we don’t have the right equipment” or “we don’t have anywhere to record” as an excuse anymore. We’re just getting out our message by any means. We promise we’ll get better with time.

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