EP:137 Perfect Your Brand Message with Mike Verret

This week we’re interviewing a brand messaging genius, Mike Verret!

In this episode we’re covering all of this and more:

Use marketing to drive efficiency

Understand your audience for maximum delivery success

Figure out what and when to say things to get more sales

Mike has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, and his ability to understand and connect with an audience is the hallmark of his career. The approach he shares is what taught him how to understand an audience and deliver his message in a way they will not forget. Mike spent 13 years in the agency world as a client services specialist before joining Hasbro Toys and Games on the global marketing team, where he developed marketing and retail programs for brands like Transformers, Tonka Trucks and Jurassic World. In 2015, he became the face of the Hasbro Gaming franchise, with the charge to establish the personality, attitude and style of the Hasbro Gaming portfolio by creating a message the audience won’t soon forget. Mike has engaged his practice with audiences in the US, Hong Kong, India, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and the UK, and every one of these audiences remembers him for not just what he says, but how he connects with them. After over 20 years of real-world experience, Mike is thrilled to share his experience with you, and to show you how to get your audience to say… “TELL ME MORE!”

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