EP:135 Lessons From Our First Business Acquisition

This week’s episode is all about our very first business acquisition with one of our coffee shops we currently own/operate. Here’s what you’ll gain by listening to this episode:

  • STRUCTURE BETTER DEALS. You’ll learn how to structure better deals when it comes to amortization, and other things. 
  • MAKING THE TRANSACTION FAIR. You’ll learn how you can make the transaction more fair for all parties involved by clearly communicating expectations up front. 
  • KEEP MORE MONEY FROM A BUSINESS ACQUISITION. You’ll learn how you can keep more money while undergoing a business acquisition, but you have to listen to the full episode to figure this one out. 

Joseph and Jasmine Mims (aka Jas & Jo) are husband and wife but they’re also co-owners of what will someday be a multi-billion dollar brand, Abundant Culture. To learn more about them visit: https://abundantculture.co/about/

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