EP:134 Resolving Conflict Within Family Businesses with Marc Silverman

Dr. Marc A. Silverman has consulted with family businesses from startups to multi-nationals, from first through sixth generations, and from three to over 100 family shareholders. He specializes in working with complex family systems of over 25 family shareholders and particularly in integrating the needs of different generations into clear succession and governance structures. Many of his clients have more than 2000 employees. A frequent seminar leader, he has conducted over 100 workshops and seminars in over 15 countries. He has given many keynote addresses to YPO, Heckerling Institute,  Financial Planners Association, Society for Trusts, and Estate Planners.

He has published over thirty articles on Succession Planning, Family Governance and Offices, Family Business, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Resolution. He works primarily as a Family Business Consultant and Coach to national and multi-national family businesses. He specializes in succession issues, developing effective corporate and family governance structures, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution processes, and family wealth preservation. He is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Family Business at Florida International University. He has worked as a columnist for “Dinero” and other business publications.

An early member of this relatively new field, Dr. Silverman is considered a pioneer in Family Business, particularly in Latin America, and has been granted “Fellow” status by the Family Firm Institute. He has been given the Richard Beckhard Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Organization Development internationally. He has worked with dozens of families in various countries, including several well-known family dynasties.

He brings over 25 years of experience in Family Business Consultation, specializing in Emotional Intelligence in Family Business, Conflict Resolution Between Family Shareholders, Succession Planning, Board Development, and Corporate and Family Governance. His work includes the development of Emotional Intelligence in Family Businesses, Family Business Assessment Tools, effective Boards of Directors, Family Councils, and Family Constitutions and Protocols. He has served on the Board of Advisors to Association of Organization Development of Latin America,  Chair of Saul A. Silverman Endowment Fund, Treasurer of Psychodynamics of Family Business Association, and as President of the International Organization Development Association for nine years.

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