EP:133 Better Business Systems with Boris Mordkovich

Boris is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of an electric bike company, EVELO, as well as a real estate investor focusing specifically on the short term rental market. Working together with his wife, they acquire, renovate and launch short-term rental properties all over the U.S. and currently host over 10,000 guests per year.

His specialty with real estate is using technology to automate the business and being able to run it remotely from anywhere. Boris’ focus is on “live where you want to live and invest where the economics make sense”. He shares all about the short-term rental sector and their investment strategies at BuildYourBnb.

Boris believes that your success is likely not because you’re smarter or better than someone else, but rather it’s the willingness to take on more risks, being at the right time at the right place, and giving it time to grow. As they say, it’s a 10-year overnight success.

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