EP:131 Growing Vs Scaling Your Business with Maceo Jourdan

Maceo Jourdan is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of building businesses by creating great products and great marketing. With his background in discretionary and algorithmic trading, he is able to merge the risk management of a portfolio trader with the aggressive risk-taking of an entrepreneur to time business trends with uncanny accuracy.

Startup to Scale: Maceo scaled his company Insider Code from a $25,000 ‘friends and family’ loan to $23 million in annual sales in under 3 years while pioneering several new technologies in video streaming, asynchronous audio chat, and a revolutionary database methodology to handle large scale data. He led his team into developing some of the first cloud-based web applications as well as a best-in-class desktop application for high-frequency traders. Including acquisitions, the combined revenues at exit were just under $50 million with a remote workforce of just 26.

Turn Around: After his exit, Maceo was responsible for turnarounds as a confidential CEO/CMO for hire. Mixing direct response sensibilities with digital targeting and scalability, Maceo developed a non-linear integrated marketing system that reduced churn, on average, by 28% while increasing Average Order Value by 86%. His proprietary bidding algorithms enabled a niche CPG company in the pet food vertical to increase revenue from $6 million to $11.2 million allowing the team to successfully negotiate 3 key acquisitions and position the company as an add-on sale to Purina.

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