EP:119 Becoming The Wealthy Franchisee with Scott Greenberg

This week’s guest is the ultimate wealthy franchisee guide, Scott Greenberg! 

In this episode we’re covering:

How to become a wealthy franchise

Creating a scalable concept

Is a franchise right for you

and so much more!!

Scott Greenberg designs game-changing steps to grow businesses, build high-performing teams and create unforgettable customer experiences. For ten years Scott was a multi-unit, award-winning franchise owner with Edible Arrangements. His operation won international recognition: “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year,” out of more than 1000 locations worldwide. Today he’s a sought-after international speaker, business coach and author with clients that include McDonalds, Great Clips, GNC, RE/MAX, Allstate, the U.S. Air Force, and countless other companies in all 50 U.S. states and throughout the world. Going beyond numbers and profits, Scott delves into the human-side of business to help organizations boost performance and make a memorable impact on the lives of customers and employees. He is a VIP contributor to Entrepreneur.com and the author of the book, The Wealthy Franchisee: Gaming-Changing Steps to Coming a Thriving Franchise Superstar.

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