EP:109 Building A Dominating Business with Adrien Chabot

This week’s guest is NWI’s leading real estate company co-owner, Adrien Chabot! This also happens to be his second time on the Abundant Culture Podcast. 

In this episode we’re covering:

How to hire employees that fit your company values

How he’s able to be almost completely hands off of one of his real estate companies

His top business mistakes

and so much more!!

Real estate has been a passion of Adrien’s since he was a teen. He became a landlord by default in 2012 when he turned his personal residence (which was heavily upside down) into a rental. In 2015, he left his position as an insurance agent with a company he’d had been with for over 8 years to start a property flipping company.

Since then, his company has completed over 600 transactions. In addition to flipping houses, he’s loaned on several projects for other local investors as well as large multi family syndications. 

Adrien received his real estate license in July 2017 and opened a real estate brokerage and property management company. One of his passions is teaching and mentoring others in real estate investing.

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