EP:101 Agile Marketing For Your Business with Jim Ewel

This week’s guest is an agile marketing expert, Jim Ewel!

In this episode we’re covering:

How the 6 principles of agile marketing relates to your business

A management system that makes your business more efficient

What actually matters in marketing

and so much more!!

JIM EWEL is one of the leading voices on Agile marketing. He co-organized the first meeting of Agile marketers and co-authored the Agile Marketing Manifesto. Since 2010, he has helped over 60 organizations adopt Agile to their marketing practice using his Six Disciplines and Four Shifts approach. Today, his blog is one of the most trusted sources on Agile. Ewel runs an Agile marketing consultancy, where he helps organizations adopt this tried-and-true approach to marketing. Jim also spent twelve years at Microsoft in marketing and sales and was the CEO of three startups: GoAhead Software, Adometry, and InDemand Interpreting.

His new book is The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing https://www.amazon.com/dp/1119712033/?tag=agilemarke-20

You can find more information, including free downloadable resources, at https://www.agilemarketing.net

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